Solid Oak Church Furniture Provided by Dumas Manufacturing


Mid South Church Construction is an authorized distributor/ installer of Dumas Church Furniture

Dumas Manufacturing of Grove Hill, Alabama is known to produce premium quality solid oak and solid sycamore church furniture. We have teamed up to bring the very best to our customers.

Edge and Face grain Lamination of church pew parts, there is a huge difference.

After 90 years in business, Dumas Manufacturing has it down, no argument can be made against  FACE GRAIN red oak's beauty - All Pew ends are constructed with a combination of face and edge grain lamination for beauty and long lasting integrity

Superior cushioning and depth of seats for comfort

Dumas Pews are specifically designed for max comfort,  Our seats are extra thick and deep to support those tired knees by the time you sit down in church. You have to experience the difference to believe it. Call for a presentation today- 225-413-1672 

Kiln Dried Number one red oak.

Competitors will claim OAK is OAK but we know the difference, this difference is in the wider and depth of the grain patterns of southern red oak. NORTHERN WHITE OAK will not give the same beautiful appearance when finished as red oak will. Finishes are vinyl sealers under Pre-Cat lacquer to insure long lasting luster and protection from use.

On time delivery and professional, personal installation

When you select Mid South and Dumas Manufacturing, you will see the same person who sold you your pews bring a crew and oversee the installation of your pews. This process will eliminate mishaps and loss of details required at the site. Personal treatment with one person throughout the process is the key to 100% customer satisfaction.